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Below is a convenient table listing the various Internet Phones (Telephony) that are available and may be downloaded to your system by clicking on the icon (picture) in the last column.  Also included are phones used to make FREE U.S. Long Distance and International phone calls through the internet.

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Company Product Type Home Page
  Microsoft     NetMeeting   Video
  Skyper Ltd     Skype    Voice
  VDOLive     VDOPhone   Video
Wincroft Inc DigiPhone Voice
iXL, Inc. iVisit ** Video
  Netscape     CoolTalk    Voice
EarthSpeak Int. Rave 2 Voice Can be used with ICQ
HearMe HearMe Voice Can be used with ICQ
Resounding Technology, Inc RogerWilco ** Voice PC to PC  audio chatting can be used with ICQ
H. Pfluger Buddy Phone Voice
Objective Voice(tm)  Internet Intercom Voice PC to PC voice chat and interface with ICQ Dialpad Voice free phone calls local and Long Distance
Delta Three, Inc. Voice Free PC to Phone  calls Go2Call Voice PC to phone free calls to parts of Europe
 Teleconomico Inc.  Voice Free PC/Internet call to Phone MyFreeLD Voice Free Long Distance Telephony service Pte. Ltd Voice Free calls from PC/Internet to phone Voice Free PC to Phone calls
Poptel Poptel Voice Free PC calls to phone
E-Ring E-ring Voice E-ring Internet phone facility
MediaRing, Inc. MediaRing Voice Free phone calls from Net to Phone System
PARAMAX Inc  MaxPhone Voice
PARAMAX Inc  MaxPhone Lite Voice PC to PC voice phone facility
Net2Phone Inc.* Net2Phone Voice Visitalk Video PC to PC connection with video
VocalTec  TrulyGlobal Voice PC to PC communication service
DataVoice S.A. DharmaPhone Voice PC to PC voice talking
Intel Video Phone Video BeeCall Voice PC/internet call to PC
  John Walker     Speak Freely     Voice  
IBM IBM IC Phone Voice IBM IC Phone
Cybration Inc. ICUII** Video
Honey Software LLC HoneyCom Video Could be a dead link
  White Pine     CU-SeeMe Video
  NetSpeak *     WebPhone   Video
Wavetech International, Inc. * Bestnetcall Voice PC to phone calls mostly for International calling at a price
  Baraka Intracom, Inc.   VidCall   Video Could be a dead link
  CineCom   CineVideo     Video
Dwyco, Inc. CDC32 Video PC to PC voice and Video chatting
The Software House Ltd Qtalka Voice Can be used with ICQ
EarthSpeak International  SecurePhone Voice PC to PC voice and text chat phone with security built in
RocketTalk Star Trek Communicator Voice Star Trek CommunicatorCould be a dead link
A.V.M. Software, Inc Pal talk Video PC to PC audio talk
Multitude, Inc Firetalk Voice Can be used with ICQCould be a dead link
IPWhisper IPWhisper Voice IPWhisperCould be a dead link
Summer Soft V-Fone Video Could be a dead link
MIT PGPfone Voice
Unknown   Talker (includes source) Voice PC to PC voice talking (download includes source code)
eRing Solutions inc itRings Voice PC to PC voice talking
Really Easy Internet ReallyEasyVoice Voice internet phone facility
Silversoft Network SoftFone V3.0 Video Softfone
  MM Art    IrisPhone Video
Centre Imternational  Exch. Tech GatherTalk Video ) IPi Phone Voice
Voxware, Inc. VoxPhone™ Video PC Video phone
Powwow Tribal Voice Voice Could be a dead link
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List order is random and therefore it is no indication of quality or functionality

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line A000000FLJBCR Order a pc online and standard shipping is included!
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Free connection to standard phone system via the Internet through supplied downloadable software, Plug-ins or Java supported browser.   Calls are free locally and Long Distance.

* These phones can be used to make calls from the Internet into the regular phone systems around the world (into the Baby Bells, and others).

** The application is supported by Macintosh, as well as Windows 95/98, and Windows NT platforms

Could be a dead link  Could be a dead link.

Need to find your IP number to tell your friends for direct telephony connections? click here

If we missed your favorite phone, please let us know at and we will add it.

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