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Discover this breakthrough anti wrinkle and anti aging cream which may add youth to your appearance without having a scalpel or bandage touch your face. Retro-10 was developed by a noted cosmetics laboratory specializing in AHA skin care and is only available through this INTERNET offering.


This may look cute on him but not on you

(No animal ingredients used and no animal testing performed.)

Use a more concentrated formula for effective and fast results
Contains over 9.5% AHA
More concentrated than other creams
Why choose Retro-10 over other products
Produces noticeable results in a shorter time
Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) are THE hottest ingredient in skin care today
Don't waste your money on ineffective products
Contains sun protection
Added bonus
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    Turn back the clock. Renew that youthful skin and restore yourself to the years when your acne disappeared and wrinkles were only found on your clothes. Feel and look better than you have in years.

Human skin has the wonderful and amazing quality to actually rejuvenate! However, virtually all skin care products in the market today which claim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles merely temporarily plump up the outer layers of the skin. This effect lasts only a few hours at best.

Why not try this phenomenal breakthrough product for yourself? You will notice visible results over the course of use of your first order. When used as directed, this cream produces results that Hollywood personalities get from their plastic surgeons, but without the pain or costs. Your skin will feel and look younger to you and others.

Retro-10 delivers AHA for effective results like no other product of its kind in the market! It simply is not available except in Retro-10!


above is a chart showing results of scientific test done on various products along with Retro-10 cream. (Click on chart for larger view)

Our studies show that the AHA concentration must be at least 8% to produce effective results. However, 22 of the 26 AHA skin care products tested in a study by Dr. Lynn Drake as presented on ABC News' "20/20" didn't contain close to the required 8% concentration! Retro-10 delivers over 9.5% concentration of AHA, the amount needed to give you those potential miracle results.

Retro-10 will come to you beautifully packaged and complete with detailed information about the miracle of AHA and how to obtain the best results for your skin. Don't let your best friend look younger than you! We are so sure that the results you see and feel, when used as directed continuously for 10 short weeks, will be so satisfying, that if you are not completely pleased with Retro-10, we will gladly refund your entire purchase price upon its return to us.

Why not take years off your face? Get results that not only will thrill you, but that others will notice about you. We all know the compliment:"You look great!" or, "Have you lost weight?", or "Something is different about you!" Act now and you too will be the recipient of this magic! Take the step now towards a new, vibrant and beautiful you!

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Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) are the hottest skin care product of the '90s

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) are the hottest skin care, wrinkle-reducing products out there; they have been called the miracle drug of the '90s. They actually exfoliate or remove the old dead skin on the surface and (here's the miracle) produce brand new vital collagen beneath that old skin. This new collagen is what fills in your fine wrinkles, fine scars and gives your skin that smooth, silky and vibrant appearance. Your skin will also feel firmer and tighter...ah, YOUTH!

Don't Waste Your Money On Low Concentration Products

But, almost every AHA product that you can buy over the counter including virtually all of the brands from the major manufacturers, does NOT have a high enough concentration of AHA to do you a damn bit of good! The amount of AHA used in these products is only enough for the maker to proclaim "THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS AHA" Most manufacturers of skin care creams or gels do not display the concentration of AHA used: that's because they do NOT use a high enough concentration of AHA to exfoliate the skin and they do not want to advise you of that! Face it, these products are scientifically ineffective. Cut your losses now, you're wasting your money! Retro-10 DOES deliver a high enough AHA concentration (9 1/2%) to accomplish the amazing process of exfoliation and rejuvenation from the production of new collagen.

Developed exclusively for Effe Sharpay et Cie.

Retro-10 has painstakingly developed with a well known cosmetic chemist, a formula which, through this breakthrough research, can deliver a high enough concentration of AHA to actually reduce the appearance of your wrinkles with no burning side effects. That's because Retro-10 delivers the AHA to hour skin with a high enough alkalinity to guard against burning. Old skin comes off; new, vital collagen is produced. Skin feels smoother, softer and firmer. Fine wrinkles and scars will be filled in. You will see a SIGNIFICANT improvement in your appearance, usually in 6 to 10 weeks. The famous brand name (we all know who that is!) which claims results in 7 to 14 days should be taken off the market! Such claims are ludicrous and scientifically untrue!

SPF sun protection

Our products are also designed to be used so you can go outside without losing the effectiveness of the amazing ingredient, AHA! We have included sun protection (SPF-15) in our formula so that the necessary concentration of AHA that Retro-10 delivers will not be lost and so that the risk of sunburn will be reduced

Retro-10 employs the finest quality ingredients available which allow us to deliver the active ingredient, AHA, in an effective concentration to produce dramatic and beautiful results. All raw materials are assayed before use and manufactured formulas are tested and continuously kept up to date.

Retro-10 is a trade mark of Effe Sharpay et Cie. Inc.
Copyright 1997 [Effe Sharpay et Cie. Inc.]. All rights reserved.
January 15, 2000


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